14 Monsters You Don't Want To Admit You Have A Crush On

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In fantasy and horror-based media, we're supposed to root for the normal-looking good guys and be repulsed by the monsters and villains they fight. But, more often than we'd care to admit to ourselves, monsters can have a certain edgy appeal that conventionally attractive good guys just don't. Whether they're river gods, demons, slasher movie villains, or freshly-risen corpses, there's just something about a bad boy or girl that we can't say no to, no matter how many horns, fangs, robo-parts, or tentacles they're rocking.

Fans of horror sometimes don't even have an issue revealing their crushes on fictional monsters, like cosplayers dressed up as sexy Pennywise. Director Guillermo del Toro even fed this taboo theme into his human/fish fornication movie, The Shape of Water.

It definitely helps, too, when the character actor out of makeup is a secret hottie. Creatures like your average sparkly vampire or bikini-clad succubus are tailor-made to seduce us, but the sexy fictional monsters on this list are definitely not for those with such pedestrian tastes.