Weird Nature Man Films Dramatic Moment Flash Flood Hits His Home  

Rebecca High

Have you ever seen a flash flood at the moment it comes crashing through? This Montecito, California man did and he caught it all on this video.

Moments before the torrent of water comes flooding down the street in front of the man's home, he screams at a van driving by, "Turn around! The flash flood's right there, get out of here, go!" 

The van disappears from frame as a huge stream of water comes pouring down the dark street. "Oh my god, mom!" the man yells as he runs into the house calling to her to close the doors and wake up dad.

After fires burned away thousands of acres of California coastline in 2017, unexpected rains caused extreme flash flooding in the Santa Barbara/Montecito area in January of 2018. At least 17 people died in the flooding, and others were injured or missing. Watch this harrowing video to catch a glimpse into California's latest climate-related disasters.