Weird History

17 Monuments That Were Removed in Disgrace

Nobody ever thinks that when they put up a monument to someone that they'll have to take it down later because the memorialized disgraced themselves. But there are many examples of paintings, monuments, and statues that were removed after a person's shame came to light.

Sometimes it was for evasion of paying one's taxes, like former Vice President Spiro Agnew. Other times it was a dictator being removed from the history books, like Lenin or Stalin. And a few times, like in the case of Bill Cosby's statue being removed from Walt Disney World, it's because of horrific allegations making them an international symbol of ridicule and disgust. Perhaps the most prolific of these was British DJ and philanthropist Jimmy Savile, who had dozens of monuments and memorials destroyed or defaced after his crimes against children were confirmed by British authorities.

Here are 17 disgraced statues, monuments, paintings, and memorials that were taken down or otherwise altered because of disgraceful actions by their subjects. Some were destroyed, others simply changed, and a few are still locked away somewhere, possibly ready to be put back up if and when the public is more forgiving.