The Best Characters On 'Moon Knight'

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If you love the 2022 Disney+ fantasy action-adventure Moon Knight, then cast your votes in for the best Moon Knight characters. The stellar star-studded Moon Knight cast features popular actors, like Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel, and F. Murray Abraham as well as newcomers, like May Calamawy and Antonia Salib. Which cast members portray the most righteous superheroes and most vile supervillains traveling the globe as they search for ancient artifacts, treasures, and ancient Egyptian gods?

Vote up your favorite characters on Disney+'s Moon Knight, and vote down the ones who disgrace and deserve the wrath of the gods.


  • Marc Spector/Moon Knight
    Photo: Moon Knight / Disney+
    14 votes

    Marc Spector/Moon Knight

    Master They Serve: Khonshu

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Look, when I am done, when I have repaid my debt, I sware to you, you will never see me or hear from me again. I promise you. We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Khonshu. And my…. Servitude is the price that I pay.

    Played By: Oscar Isaac

  • Steven Grant/ Mr. Knight
    Photo: Moon Knight / Disney+
    14 votes

    Steven Grant/ Mr. Knight

    Master They Serve: Khonshu

    Occupation: Museum Gift Shop Worker

    Honestly, it’s like my body wants to get up and wander about, you know, like it has to get the 10,000 steps in. And I don’t even know about it until I wake up whenever. That’s why I try to stay awake at night.

    Played By: Oscar Isaac

  • Khonshu
    Photo: Moon Knight / Disney+
    14 votes


    Master They Serve: Ennead Council

    Occupation: God of the Moon

    Spare me your self-righteous threats! I was banished for not abandoning humanity, unlike the rest of you.

    Played by: F. Murray Abraham

  • Arthur Harrow
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    14 votes

    Arthur Harrow

    Master They Serve: Ammit

    Occupation: Cult Leader

    Sometimes, the cure is a little taste of the disease. The difference between medicine and poison sometimes is only dosage. Consider a diseased limb. Amputation, horrific and grotesque, is necessary for the larger health. 

    Played By: Ethan Hawke

  • Tawaret
    Photo: Moon Knight / Disney+
    12 votes


    Master They Serve: Ennead Council

    Occupation: God of Fertility and Rejuvenation

    I'm so sorry. Your Scales never balanced. Our journey's come to an end. I cannot stop the inevitable… I was really rooting for you guys.

    Played By: Antonia Salib

  • Layla El-Faouly
    Photo: Moon Knight / Disney+
    10 votes

    Layla El-Faouly

    Master They Serve: Themself

    Occupation: Archeologist

    I don't steal. They've already been stole. That's what people forget. I take them off the black market, and return them to their rightful owners… I might keep a few to pay the bills.

    Played By: May Calamawy