Two Angry Moose Get Into A Brawl On The Side Of The Road  

Jadyn Beyer

Two wild animals, antler-to-antler, stuck at an impasse. While it might evoke imagery of a political debate, this video is something you'll actually enjoy watching. 

A man in Northern New Brunswick was driving down the road when he came upon two moose in the midst of a quarrel. As the man watches transfixed, the quarrel morphs into a full-on brawl between these enormous beasts. 

This goes down in mesmerizing fashion as the two Canadian moose stand like people trying to get around each other on a sidewalk. Then the moose notice the man.

You have to see what happens then. And, if you listen closely enough to these Canadian moose, you might be able to hear "Oh, I'm sorry, you go ahead," and "No, I'm sorry, you go ahead!"