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18 Super Messed Up Decisions Video Games Have Forced You To Make

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Vote up the most difficult moral choices video games force you to make.

Moral choices in video games have only grown as a trend over the years. There used to be a time when nobody cared about the ethics of Mario jumping on anthropomorphic turtles or the potential to cause a pileup by leading a large frog into traffic. That's because those horrors were just a bunch of pixels. They still are, and, granted, some games still let you do horrific things with no consequences, but with the introduction of photorealistic models, deep characterization, and real-world values into narratives, video games have become greater engines for generating empathy and guilt.

Talented game writers use these emotions to challenge players with interesting and complex moral quandaries during the course of gameplay. This is entertainment value that can only be mined by the game industry, as no other medium gives control of a character's decisions to the consumer in quite the same way. No other medium can make the consumer feel the weight of a character's decisions quite so heavily.

For your consideration is a list of some of the video game moral dilemmas that most made players tear their hair out, wavering back and forth while staring at a 'Pause' screen. Now it is up to you to upvote the ones you feel most strongly about. You can handle it.