Morbid Serial Killer Memes You Really Shouldn't Laugh At

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A unique portion of the internet population has taken the most infamous serial killers and turned them into ruthless memes for those of you with a dark sense of humor to enjoy. The best of the web's dark humor does not make light of these crimes, but rather pokes fun at the killers themselves, lightening the fear some of us might still feel.

Serial killers have been the subject of entertainment since producers discovered the same people who like comedy also enjoy a bit of horror on occasion. From Michael Myers to Dexter, psychopaths have been amusing people for generations. It was only a matter of time before meme culture caught on.

Serial killer memes are designed to make you feel guilty for laughing at them, but could cooking up a smile for a good cannibal pun really send you to Hell? 

  • 1. It's Hard Being A Cannibal

    It's Hard Being A Cannibal
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  • 2. A Surprising Store Worker

    A Surprising Store Worker
  • 3. When One Person Ruins It For Everyone 

    When One Person Ruins It For Everyone 
  • 4. Truly Deadly