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16 Fan Theories About The DCEU That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Love 'em or hate 'em, the films in the DC Extended Universe have a bevy of hanging plot threads just begging to be tied up. Some, totally intentional. Others? More often than not plot holes. That doesn't mean fans don't love speculating about what happened in the past and what awaits the likes of the Justice League and other characters in the DCEU in the future.

This is a collection of fan theories about the DCEU. Whether you're a fan of the Man of Steel, a Batman aficionado, or are firmly a stan of Wonder Woman, these fan theories are sure to entertain and offer some super speculation for upcoming films. 

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    Darkseid Had A Hand In Krypton's Destruction

    Photo: Man of Steel / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/OrwinBeane:

    This may not be possible now, since the DCEU is one big mess and we may never see a Justice League movie with Darkseid, but I believe the original idea was that Darkseid destroyed Krypton. Here’s why:

    When Krypton explodes in Man of Steel, we see a lava-type substance spray upwards from the ground. This same substance can be seen spraying upwards in the same way in Batmans nightmare from Batman v Superman, where we also see Darkseids logo, the omega symbol Ω.

    In the trailer for Justice League, Steppenwolf mentions how there are “no protectors here. No lanterns. No kryptonians” so he is aware of the race known as kryptonians. Darkseid wants to turn all planets into Apokalypse so he surely would have tried to do it with Krypton (disclosure: I don’t know if Steppenwolf actually says this in the movie. I’ve only seen it once when it came out).

    The reason Darkseid doesn’t invade krypton like Earth is because their technology was far superior so instead he played it sneaky and messed with the planets core, which the Kryptonians assumed was decaying due to lack of resources. Again, their technology was better, so they should have been smart enough to not destroy the planet by themselves.

    The planet is destroyed very quickly. One would assume that a decaying core would be a gradual process but we see no signs of destruction until it actually happens. Purposeful interference (from Darkseid) is a better explanation than using up all the planets resources for this quick destruction.

    Just a theory with plenty of holes in it, but it’s interesting to think that Darkseid could have potentially played a part in the creation of Superman, the only person powerful enough to stop him.

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    Bruce Wayne Is Juicing In 'Batman v. Superman'

    Photo: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/Salmanbhairocks:

    I noticed a pretty significant shift in Batman's, personality from his time in Batman V. Superman to Justice League. In the former he was pretty clearly Frank Miller's Batman but in Justice League he was much closer to say the DC Animated Universe Batman with some down right comedic moments. Considering the films happen in- universe a very short time apart I think there was another explanation.

    Batman in the DCEU used steroids at least for the first bit of the film. Steroids are infamous for causing more aggression and confidence boosting which is exactly what we see in the first movie. Batman's behaviour is even noted by Alfred to be uncharacteristically aggressive suggesting it's not his usual pattern of behaviour.

    Two other peaces of evidence would seem to suggest Batman is using steroids. When Deadshot is captured in Sucide Squad he doesn't use anywhere near the same level of aggression he uses in Batman V. Superman. As this scene would seem to take place before Batman V Superman Batman was clearly not using at this point.

    Secondly, Batman has discovered proof at the end of Batman V. Superman that Lex Luthor killed not only Superman indirectly but one of his employees who he has shown to be protective over. Yet, while he certainly intimidates Luthor there's little or no violence in their encounter.

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    The Lost Kingdom Was Part Of The Roman Empire

    Photo: Aquaman / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/TheSebtacular:

    What we know:

    In the DCEU there are 7 Atlantean kingdoms, Atlantis, Xebel, Fishermen, Trench, Brine, Deserters, and The Lost Kingdom. The Deserters and The Lost Kingdom fell when Atlantis sunk, while the Trench and the Brine became more primitive.


    What if The Lost Kingdom was the Roman Empire that fell without Military support from Atlantis?


    So we can reasonably assume that the trench were in the Mediterranean Sea because of Sicily, doesn’t matter where at all though.

    The Deserters were in Africa, pretty easy to tell that, but their general area is much harder.

    It’s easy to tell they were in the Sahara and a few hours off the coast by plane we have 2 candidates. The coast of the Red Sea and the Atlantic coast.

    Both of those fit the bill, the Red Sea would help this theory a bit more but overall it impacts almost nothing but for the sake of the theory the Red Sea is where I will say it is.

    Now Atlantis and Rome existed at roughly the same time, Rome fell. In 284 AD Rome split which is basically it falling. Atlantis fell at an indeterminate time, but we can take an estimate.
    In the glass bottle that Aquaman and Mera found there was a piece of paper. Paper was invented in 105 AD, and assuming that Atlantis fell right before that then Atlantis fell around 100 AD (give or take).

    It is unlikely that Atlantis would have let another civilization conquer their land, and considering how strong Atlantis was they probably could have annihilated Rome, but the Barbarians did.


    Now if we are going by original myth, Atlantis was an island in the middle of the ocean. For stuff to sink there needs to be land. The Trench lived on an island in the Mediterranean and the Deserters lived in the middle of the desert, as you do. Going by this map of Atlantis we have another problem with the theory is that literally almost all the territories overlap, but this is some random map so take it with a grain of salt.

    How this happened:

    When Atlan got greedy he blew up Atlantis and then sunk it. The thing is that this would have had to sink half the world, so this is where another part of the theory comes in.

    We know for a fact that the Greek gods exist in the DCEU, and the trident was made of Poseidon steel. In Greek myths Poseidon was the god of earthquakes and the ocean. It is possible for a massive earthquake low in the ground could have caused Atlantis and their island colonies to sink, but how did the Trench sink when they were so far away?

    In the scene where Aquaman and Mera travel to the center of the Earth there is a portal, but when they get their there is no way out. It is possible that when the trident could create portals anywhere but when it caused the explosion all of the portals created the earthquakes sinking the trench and causing damage in Rome and The Deserters but not sinking them because they are on land. This caused may have caused rapid evolution and allowed the Kingdoms that sunk to survive. Without Atlantean military support the Deserters and Romans fell.

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    World War II Never Happened In The DCEU

    Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/CodPolish:

    It’s clear that the DCEU does not take place in any conventional version of the world, but it differs far more than aliens and gods. In Wonder Woman, the titular character kills Erich Ludendorff, a real general from WWI. The key thing about Ludendorff is that after the war, he contributed enormously to the Nazis’ rise to power. If he was dead, this did not happen, and the Nazis did not rise. It’s possible they could’ve without him, but unlikely.

    This offers an easy explanation for Gotham and Metropolis’s existence. In the comics, Gotham is located in New Jersey and Metropolis is located in Delaware. We can see this to also be true in the DCEU because in Batman v Superman, we see that Metropolis and Gotham are across a body of water from one another. This would be the Delaware river, which separates New Jersey and Deleware.

    The absence of WWII and the Nazis offers an easy explanation for the prosperity and enormity of these cities: it can be assumed that due to there being fewer immigrants, New York did not become such a large city, and people expanded southwards.

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