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16 Fan Theories About The DCEU That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Love 'em or hate 'em, the films in the DC Extended Universe have a bevy of hanging plot threads just begging to be tied up. Some, totally intentional. Others? More often than not plot holes. That doesn't mean fans don't love speculating about what happened in the past and what awaits the likes of the Justice League and other characters in the DCEU in the future.

This is a collection of fan theories about the DCEU. Whether you're a fan of the Man of Steel, a Batman aficionado, or are firmly a stan of Wonder Woman, these fan theories are sure to entertain and offer some super speculation for upcoming films. 

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    The Flash Doesn't Need To Poop

    Photo: Justice League / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/shahkabra:

    It is well known that The Flash needs to consume large quantities of food to compensate for the energy he uses (noted in Justice League). The Flash’s body is so efficient that he no longer needs to defecate and simply uses everything he consumes entirely. Barry Allen hasn’t pooped in years.

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    World War II Never Happened In The DCEU

    Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/CodPolish:

    It’s clear that the DCEU does not take place in any conventional version of the world, but it differs far more than aliens and gods. In Wonder Woman, the titular character kills Erich Ludendorff, a real general from WWI. The key thing about Ludendorff is that after the war, he contributed enormously to the Nazis’ rise to power. If he was dead, this did not happen, and the Nazis did not rise. It’s possible they could’ve without him, but unlikely.

    This offers an easy explanation for Gotham and Metropolis’s existence. In the comics, Gotham is located in New Jersey and Metropolis is located in Delaware. We can see this to also be true in the DCEU because in Batman v Superman, we see that Metropolis and Gotham are across a body of water from one another. This would be the Delaware river, which separates New Jersey and Deleware.

    The absence of WWII and the Nazis offers an easy explanation for the prosperity and enormity of these cities: it can be assumed that due to there being fewer immigrants, New York did not become such a large city, and people expanded southwards.

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    Doctor Manhattan's Been Messing With The DC Multiverse

    Photo: DC Comics

    From Redditor u/Animation_Bat:

    Doctor Manhattan was behind Flashpoint in the comics because he wanted to alter the DC Universe, as shown in Doomsday Clock. In the CW version of Flashpoint, Doctor Manhattan wasn't involved, and he hasn't been confirmed to appear in the DCEU version either. But during the Flash movie panel at DC FanDome, a montage of clips from various DC film and TV shows going back decades were shown while they were talking about how all of these "worlds" are part of the DCEU Multiverse and could potentially be revisited in the Flashpoint film. Doctor Manhattan from the 2009 Watchmen film was shown during the montage.

    It was just revealed that Billy Crudup is reprising his role of Henry Allen, the father of the Flash, in the Flashpoint movie. He also played Doctor Manhattan in Zack Snyder's Watchmen film. He could be reprising the role of Doctor Manhattan in the Flashpoint movie as well.

    After the Flash starts messing with time and the Multiverse, I think Barry will learn that Doctor Manhattan has been altering the multiverse as well. Manhattan will end up being a threat that the multiverse will need to deal with down the line.

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    Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Is Based On 'Injustice'

    Photo: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/Perseuss_Andromeda

    With the confirmation of Jared Leto returning as the infamous Joker seen in the Suicide Squad movie, I think Zack Snyder's plan is already taking shape: an Injustice: Gods Among Us adaptation.

    You may be asking why? So let's remember what is Injustice exactly:

    Joker tricks Superman to kill a pregnant Lois Lane, then an enraged Sups kills him and becomes a corrupt dictator for planet Earth, declaring a war to the Justice League for five years.

    With this summary, I think Snyder's plan for his 4 hour movie is to show how the resurrected Superman turns into the "Evil" version as seen in the Batman V Superman nightmare sequences.


    It is confirmed Snyder's Cut will feature an apocalyptic future (as seen in the trailer).

    Already the DCEU movies feature elements from the Injustice storyline:

    • In BvS we have Flash warning Bruce after the nightmare senquence saying: "It's Lois Lane, she is the key (...) You were always right about him," obviously this led to believe she must be protected in order to prevent Superman going mad.

    • A depressed and tired Bruce Wayne trying to redeem himself.

    • The government untrust the heroes (as seen in Suicide Squad: "What if the next Superman decides to attack the president" says Waller)

    • Wonder Woman trying to get back her faith on humanity again.

    The 4 hour movie is said to be structured this way: Steppenwolf comes to Earth, Bruce recruits the league, Superman is somehow resurrected (maybe different from the Theatrical version), the League fails, apocalyptic future (Superman working for Darkseid?) and then Flash travelling in time to prevent all this, leading to a Round 2. What could the Joker do with this? the answer: help make a corrupt Superman.

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