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16 Fan Theories About The DCEU That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Love 'em or hate 'em, the films in the DC Extended Universe have a bevy of hanging plot threads just begging to be tied up. Some, totally intentional. Others? More often than not plot holes. That doesn't mean fans don't love speculating about what happened in the past and what awaits the likes of the Justice League and other characters in the DCEU in the future.

This is a collection of fan theories about the DCEU. Whether you're a fan of the Man of Steel, a Batman aficionado, or are firmly a stan of Wonder Woman, these fan theories are sure to entertain and offer some super speculation for upcoming films. 

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Photo: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

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    What If Bruce Wasn't The Only Person To Get A Vision In 'Batman V. Superman'?

    What If Bruce Wasn't The Only Person To Get A Vision In 'Batman V. Superman'?
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    From Redditor u/iamre:

    One big problem some people including me had with BvS was Lex Luthor. Why did he hate Superman so much to want to kill him so badly… His dad abused him so he doesn’t believe in God, but since Superman is the closest thing to a god he needs to kill him? Why not Wonder Woman or Aquaman since they have much more in common with the Greek gods he loves talking about so much? It just felt so random and unexplained, ie very weak motivations. Superman has never done anything to indicate that he might purposefully hurt people or abuse his power so why… Who put it into his head that Superman was that much of a threat???

    The answer… Darkseid. Snyder revealed that Darkseid would be much more focused on early on and in Justice League as well. Snyder also revealed that the reason Batman got those Apocalypse visions in BvS was because Darkseid gave it to him in hopes that Batman would kill Superman and thus the Earth would be easier to take over.

    My theory is this: What if Batman wasn’t the only one who had a vision… Seems someone as powerful and strategic as Darkseid wouldn’t just leave it to one person, he’d have a plan B. That way if Batman isn’t able to kill Superman, there’s someone else with the means to do so. That’s the reason Luthor was so worried that Superman would eventually be corrupted BECAUSE he was shown a future where that was the reality.

    “The red capes are coming…” “Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky…”

    Its why he tries to force Batman to kill Superman and then even afterwards creates a monster even more dangerous than Superman just to kill Superman.

    In a deleted scene he is seen talking to Stephenwolf who shows him the mother boxes and pretty soon comes to Earth. My theory is that there are two possibilities: One- Luthor doesn’t trust Superman but trusts Darkseid and sees him as a benevolent god or something or… Two- Darkseid used the anti-life equation to turn Luthor into his puppet.

    Either way I believe Luthor is working for Darkseid now…

    “But the bell's already been rung. And they've heard it. Out in the dark, among the stars... ding dong, the god is dead… But a bell cannot be un-rung! He's hungry. He's found us. And he's coming!” Who is the biggest threat to Darkseid’s plans to take over Earth? Superman and the Justice League…

    What’s a good way to get rid of them without having to do anything?

    Well… “Him and his friends have formed a little league… To put it plainly...Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?”

    ​TL;DR: Luthor recieved a vision of the corrupted Superman like Batman did and that’s why he wanted to kill him. Going forward he is acting as Darkseid’s puppet and will continue to cause problems for Superman and the League...

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    Diana Gave Up On Humanity Because Of World War II

    Diana Gave Up On Humanity Because Of World War II
    Photo: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/Afalstein:

    At the end of Wonder Woman, Diana talks about how she has faith in love, how love will change the world and how humanity has such beautiful potential. This is why she wants to protect the world. Except this doesn't make sense, because Diana hasn't been protecting the world, and in fact said in BvS that she gave up on humanity a long time ago. Bruce calls her out on this in Justice League, but Diana doesn't really give much of a response.

    My theory is that Diana's hope at the end of Wonder Woman reflects the hope of Versailles. Diana did actually think Ares got it wrong and that without his influence there would be no war. I mean, everyone started getting along the second he was dead. She thought the war was too terrible and that no one would fight again.

    But then WWII happened. And Diana got a very exact, and very grim view of the cycle. The same war, over again, except worse this time. And worse than war, genocide.

    My theory is that this is why Diana is in the shadows and not involved at the time of BvS. WWII brought her hope in humanity to the lowest point. And it's not until Batman's act of kindness (returning the picture to her) and Superman's act of selflessness (coming to protect a world that scorned him) that she rediscovers her faith in love.

    EDIT: As a further thought, assuming Diana was on the side of the Allies, perhaps she helped liberate some of the camps--but was shocked anew by the atom bomb, which would be hard to reconcile with her warrior ethos. Thus she ended up with no particular government and faded into the shadows.

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    Darkseid Had A Hand In Krypton's Destruction

    Darkseid Had A Hand In Krypton's Destruction
    Photo: Man of Steel / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/OrwinBeane:

    This may not be possible now, since the DCEU is one big mess and we may never see a Justice League movie with Darkseid, but I believe the original idea was that Darkseid destroyed Krypton. Here’s why:

    When Krypton explodes in Man of Steel, we see a lava-type substance spray upwards from the ground. This same substance can be seen spraying upwards in the same way in Batmans nightmare from Batman v Superman, where we also see Darkseids logo, the omega symbol Ω.

    In the trailer for Justice League, Steppenwolf mentions how there are “no protectors here. No lanterns. No kryptonians” so he is aware of the race known as kryptonians. Darkseid wants to turn all planets into Apokalypse so he surely would have tried to do it with Krypton (disclosure: I don’t know if Steppenwolf actually says this in the movie. I’ve only seen it once when it came out).

    The reason Darkseid doesn’t invade krypton like Earth is because their technology was far superior so instead he played it sneaky and messed with the planets core, which the Kryptonians assumed was decaying due to lack of resources. Again, their technology was better, so they should have been smart enough to not destroy the planet by themselves.

    The planet is destroyed very quickly. One would assume that a decaying core would be a gradual process but we see no signs of destruction until it actually happens. Purposeful interference (from Darkseid) is a better explanation than using up all the planets resources for this quick destruction.

    Just a theory with plenty of holes in it, but it’s interesting to think that Darkseid could have potentially played a part in the creation of Superman, the only person powerful enough to stop him.

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    Bruce Wayne Is Juicing In 'Batman v. Superman'

    Bruce Wayne Is Juicing In 'Batman v. Superman'
    Photo: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/Salmanbhairocks:

    I noticed a pretty significant shift in Batman's, personality from his time in Batman V. Superman to Justice League. In the former he was pretty clearly Frank Miller's Batman but in Justice League he was much closer to say the DC Animated Universe Batman with some down right comedic moments. Considering the films happen in- universe a very short time apart I think there was another explanation.

    Batman in the DCEU used steroids at least for the first bit of the film. Steroids are infamous for causing more aggression and confidence boosting which is exactly what we see in the first movie. Batman's behaviour is even noted by Alfred to be uncharacteristically aggressive suggesting it's not his usual pattern of behaviour.

    Two other peaces of evidence would seem to suggest Batman is using steroids. When Deadshot is captured in Sucide Squad he doesn't use anywhere near the same level of aggression he uses in Batman V. Superman. As this scene would seem to take place before Batman V Superman Batman was clearly not using at this point.

    Secondly, Batman has discovered proof at the end of Batman V. Superman that Lex Luthor killed not only Superman indirectly but one of his employees who he has shown to be protective over. Yet, while he certainly intimidates Luthor there's little or no violence in their encounter.

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    The Flash Doesn't Need To Poop

    The Flash Doesn't Need To Poop
    Photo: Justice League / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/shahkabra:

    It is well known that The Flash needs to consume large quantities of food to compensate for the energy he uses (noted in Justice League). The Flash’s body is so efficient that he no longer needs to defecate and simply uses everything he consumes entirely. Barry Allen hasn’t pooped in years.

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    Doctor Manhattan's Been Messing With The DC Multiverse

    Doctor Manhattan's Been Messing With The DC Multiverse
    Photo: DC Comics

    From Redditor u/Animation_Bat:

    Doctor Manhattan was behind Flashpoint in the comics because he wanted to alter the DC Universe, as shown in Doomsday Clock. In the CW version of Flashpoint, Doctor Manhattan wasn't involved, and he hasn't been confirmed to appear in the DCEU version either. But during the Flash movie panel at DC FanDome, a montage of clips from various DC film and TV shows going back decades were shown while they were talking about how all of these "worlds" are part of the DCEU Multiverse and could potentially be revisited in the Flashpoint film. Doctor Manhattan from the 2009 Watchmen film was shown during the montage.

    It was just revealed that Billy Crudup is reprising his role of Henry Allen, the father of the Flash, in the Flashpoint movie. He also played Doctor Manhattan in Zack Snyder's Watchmen film. He could be reprising the role of Doctor Manhattan in the Flashpoint movie as well.

    After the Flash starts messing with time and the Multiverse, I think Barry will learn that Doctor Manhattan has been altering the multiverse as well. Manhattan will end up being a threat that the multiverse will need to deal with down the line.

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