Fans Are Pointing Out Even More 'Harry Potter' Errors And Plot Holes

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Just because the Harry Potter series is beloved around the world doesn't mean there aren't some mistakes. These fans have pointed out even more plot holes they've noticed in the books and movies.

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    There Are Somehow Only Three Illegal Spells

    From Redditor u/sushipanda:

    The fact that there are only three spells that unquestionably land you in prison. How the f*ck are memory charms not on that list? I can think of a huge list of other things but I don't have the time right now.

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    Aunt Petunia Should Have Known Students Couldn't Use Magic Over The Summer

    From Redditor u/lemiguess:

    Aunt Petunia had to know that students couldn't use magic outside of school, she grew up with Lilly. That big reveal was ridiculous.

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    Dumbledore Sent Slytherin And Hufflepuff Students Toward Danger When The Troll Was Loose

    From Redditor u/Zalzagor:

    'The troll is in the dungeons'

    'All students please return to your house dormitiories.'


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    Most In The Magical Community Have Only A 6th Grade Level Understanding Of Things

    From Redditor u/Jane_Anapneo:

    Not exactly a plot hole, but something that always irked me:

    The entire Wizarding World (or Muggle Borns at least) are operating their lives as adults with only a 6th grade level understanding of Math, Science, English etc.

    I know the community is really insular and as a result have implemented magical ways to get the same or better result than Muggle inventions, but learning higher level means of problem solving, rationalization, and communication are still important.

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    Not Enough People Are Worried About Others Using Transfiguration Or Polyjuice

    From a deleted Redditor:

    To me, it's that everyone always approaches situations where they meet someone else in good faith, assuming that person is who they say they are. Transfiguration and the Polyjuice Potion are used repeatedly throughout the series to create convincing disguises, and yet people still don't reach the obvious conclusions when their best friends or significant others are acting strange.

    It's always just 'Hey what's gotten into you today?' not 'Uh, are you really who you say you are or are you using one of the many widely known ways of taking on the appearance of another person?'

    I realize that things like Polyjuice and Transfiguration are fairly complex potions/spells, but it seems like most of the wizards we meet are at least aware of them, and they're used so frequently throughout the series that people should at least approach situations with more skepticism than we see.

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    Tom Riddle Found The Chamber Of Secrets Entrance While The Girls Bathroom Was Still In Use

    From Redditor u/VEyeDoubleNWhy:

    One thing that always bothered me was that Tom Riddle basically stumbled upon the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, when the entrance was in the girls bathroom. Assuming that girls use to use this bathroom before Myrtle died, how did he get away with constantly going in there? Like okay maybe he only went late at night, but no one ever noticed anything weird going on in that bathroom? Just seems odd to me and seemed like something Rowling overlooked.

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