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18 Amazing and Terrifying Morning After Texts

Sometimes, going on a bender is the only thing that can cure the stress of a long week. Good thing you have friends who are (hopefully) willing to drive you home, hold your hair back while you puke, and remind you of all the insane things you did the night before. And what better way to reminisce on your wild times than to text with your friends the next morning about all the crazy stuff you got up to last night? Sometimes you go into a night of partying knowing you're about to get turnt, and other times you wake up with no idea how things got so out of hand. Either way, we've thoughtfully collected some of funny texts from last night for everyone to enjoy.
What's the most hilarious things people have done while intoxicated? Take a look at this list of funny morning after texts and judge for yourself. Rank your favorites and let everyone know who the true party master is. Don't forget to save those wonderful morning after conversations to share with the rest of the class!
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    It's Fun to Pretend!

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    At Least It Ended Well

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    Better Safe Than Sorry

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