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Morrissey Loves and Hookups

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When it comes to discussing Morrissey's love life or figuring out who Morrissey has dated, things can get a bit difficult. The outspoken singer isn't only quite the private person, but he also has a dating history including both men and women, and has even since gone on to claim he's uninterested in either gender. Nevertheless, Morrissey has been romantically linked to numerous men and women throughout his career, including the likes of Tina Dehghani and fellow Smiths member and guitarist Johnny Marr.

So, who has Morrissey dated? Who's Morrissey dating now? You'll find a complete list of his previous loves, relationships, and flings below (as far as the public eye is concerned), though you won't find a past husband or wife—Morrissey has never married. And, as his song "Will Never Marry" suggests, he likely won't!

  • Gelato

    In his autobiography, Morrissey mentions a 2006 relationship with a younger Italian man known as "Gelato."


    • Tina Dehghani

      According to his autobiography, Morrissey was in a relationship with Tina Dehghani in the 2000s. They even discussed having a child together. 

      • Jake Walters


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        In his autobiography, Morrissey talks about his relationship with British photographer Jake Walters from 1994 to 1996.

        • Annalisa Jablonska

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          In 1984, Annalisa Jablonska was rumored to be dating Morrissey. Her laugh is reportedly heard in the song "Suffer Little Children" by The Smiths.