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Morticians Reveal The Strangest And Most Mysterious Cases They’ve Ever Worked On

Updated August 5, 2019 1.0m views15 items

Morticians have one of the eeriest jobs ever. They interact with corpses on a debatably intimate level that many of us could hardly fathom. Some might find a sort of beauty in their work; they eternalize an individual's last earthly moments before burial. Certain people have even captured peaceful portraits of corpses in the morgue, proving that when viewed through a very specific lens, death can be beautiful.

Redditors asked undertakers, embalmers, and funeral directors to compile the worst cases they've ever worked on and the results are puzzling to say the least. Some are inexplicable cases, some are quite sad, but all of them will make you be extra careful whether you're driving, running a bath, or using a bench vise for whatever purpose one uses a bench vise.

  • Cake Frosting Can Be Dangerous, Too

    From Redditor /u/TheModernMortician:

    "A lady ate herself to death on five containers of Duncan Hines frosting...

    "Neighbors saw her for two days sitting in her fave chair... Then finally someone checked on her. [She was] dead with a container of frosting in her lap and four empties on the floor around her chair. Her chin had frosting on it, too...

    "Her mother revealed she had gastric bypass five months prior."

  • This Was Certainly Not A Relaxing Soak

    From Redditor /u/Ephialtis:

    "One such instance, a large apartment complex started smelling something terrible coming from a particular room. [The] landlord found the old lady that lived there dead in the bathtub...

    "Apparently she was getting in the tub to take a bath and had a heart attack. The water was running, already hot, and she accidentally knocked loose the drain with her foot. So what happened for the next two weeks... is she lay there marinating in hot water. Now, you'd think the water would eventually cool, right? Nope. They had those industrial hot water heaters since it was shared by the apartment complex and it easily kept up with the hot water demand.

    "So she had been sitting in this hot water for a couple of weeks basically cooking... When they went to try and move the body it was similar to picking up a marinated chicken... The meat fell right off the bone."

  • In Severe Cases, Masturbation May Have Horrible Repercussions

    From Redditor /u/princessolympia:

    "[Once there was a] dead man [who] was a frequent masturbator. He yanked it with such force for so long that he permanently cut off the blood supply to his penis. It became horribly infected and gangrene set it. The infection went to his bloodstream and it killed him."

  • That Holiday Season Was Presumably Very Bleak

    From Redditor /u/BenicioDelPollo:

    "My dad did autopsies for a while. [He] said the worst was a little girl who was charred in the fetal position. Supposedly when her house caught fire, she crawled under the Christmas tree, which then turned into a furnace."