12 Pretty Accurate Movies Set In Medieval Times

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Medieval movies have been popular since Hollywood's early days, and they're still going strong. Everyone has films in this genre that resonate with them, but most stretch the truth in how they portray the period, dispensing with real medieval facts for the sake of cinematic spectacle. For those who are sticklers for accuracy, that may be frustrating; for others, such flaws can't get in the way of a good story.

Movies set in the Middle Ages tend to include knights jousting and sword-fighting, ladies in waiting, armies marching into conflict, elaborate costumes of chain mail and leather, and royals locked in power struggles, but there are some films that stand out among the rest for their dedication to telling the tale - or at least certain aspects of the tale - as it really happened. Check out this list of the most accurate medieval movies to learn what they get right and what they don't.