The Most Accurate Movies About The Wild West

The best Wild West movies make you feel like you've been transported back in time for a couple of hours. They do this by creating a sense of realism, which can take many forms. Sometimes the film has costumes and weapons that are authentic to the time period. Other times, sets and locations do the heavy lifting, giving audiences a vibrant setting in which to get lost. From time to time, an actor's performance playing a real-life historical figure is what makes it all click. In the absolute best cases, all of these things are present. 

Have you ever wondered which of the best Old West movies are also the most realistic? That's what this list will determine. Westerns have been around virtually from the dawn of cinema, along with Western TV shows. Of course, those of the 1920s are much different than those of the 1960s, and they, in turn, are different from those of the 1990s. Regardless of when they were released, a number of Westerns have at least a degree of realism.

In each of the below entries, we will look at what the movie in question gets right in terms of historical accuracy and where it falls short. Vote up the top Wild West movies based on which ones you think are the most accurate.