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The Most Amazing Statues in the World

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Whether carved, molded, or welded, these amazing statue creations are sure to inspire you. Some of these sculptures were made to memorialize historical events, while some are simply thought provoking pieces, and others are just there for fun and enjoyment. But all of the sculptural pieces in this list are incredible!

Sculpture, the art or practice of shaping figures or designs, is a tradition as old as time. In Western culture, its use can be traced back to Ancient Greece, though most sculpture began thanks to religious traditions. One of the oldest and most famous sculptures, even today, is the Great Sphinx in Egypt. Giant sculptures such as the Sphinx were created to impress a ruler - the king or queen or, in many cases, the gods. 

This list is full of wonderful, amazing, impressive, and interesting statues. Some, you can hardly believe are real. Big or small - they are all moving and inspiring in their own, unique way. Please enjoy and share these amazing pieces of art!
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    These horses can be seen trotting in Las Colinas, Texas. The artist is Robert Glen. 
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    This statue was made by Paige Bradley and is on display in New York City. The artist asks viewers the question, "Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies?" 
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    Les Voyageurs

    French artist Bruno Catalano has created dozens of these "not all there" statues. They can be seen all over Marseilles, France. 
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    You can see these hippos swimming in Taipei, Taiwan. 
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