The Most Ambitious Crossover Memes Of All Time

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Vote up the crossover events more ambitious than taking on Thanos with your fellow brand-mates.

Marvel claims Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history, but the internet came out in droves to remind the company of other equally groundbreaking crossovers. To let Marvel know the tea, Twitter users go about forming their own tweets about the most ambitious crossovers in history. As much as Marvel wants to make Infinity War the biggest deal since Bitcoin, everyone's pretty much anticipated this film since Iron Man, Marvel included. Furthermore, all the characters in Avengers come from Marvel already, so it probably isn't hard to pull them together into the same storyline. 

You know what is an ambitious crossover: getting four divas of different genres to perform a modern interpretation of a classic song. Or putting Angela Lansbury on the same screen as Tom Selleck. No one disagrees that Marvel put a ton of effort into Infinity War, but these hilarious most ambitious crossover tweets serve to keep the MCU from growing too big for its own britches.