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15 Annoying Anime Kids That You Hated With A Passion

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It can happen at any moment. You’re enjoying an anime series - perhaps sipping a fine brandy - when suddenly, the annoying anime kids appear! These little brats can get so deep under your skin, it's enough to almost make you quit watching anime altogether.

It seems that the sole mission of annoying kids in anime is to irritate the hell out of the protagonist (and, by extension, the viewer). Whether it’s an annoying younger sibling, a nuisance kid neighbor, or even a bratty lead character, anime kids have inspired more than their fair share of audible groans and muttered obscenities.

Even though (too many) shows have that one annoying brat, there's some merit to be found in their existence. The exasperating attitude of a youthful character often helps create a sense of balance against the protagonist and provides a few begrudging laughs. Still, it's nice to get a heads up on which of these terrible tykes you should brace yourself for. 

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    Chibiusa On Sailor Moon

    Photo: TV Asahi

    Chibiusa is a five-year-old child who falls from the heavens. Therefore, she must be an angel, right? WRONG! This pink-haired little brat is as rude and obnoxious as they come. Throughout the series, her bratty, childish antics never seem to let up, which make her ultra-irritating. She is constantly after Mamoru’s affection and loves to tease and bicker with Usagi (her mother) about how much Mamoru (her father) cares for her. Trust, it never gets charming. 

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    Iris On Pokémon Black and White

    Photo: TV Tokyo

    When Ash Ketchum mistakes Iris for a Pokémon, he didn’t realize he was in for an earful of nagging. Neither, unfortunately, did we. Iris is a dark-skinned, purple-haired girl with an adventurous side. That "adventurous" aspect mostly manifests itself by constantly arguing with Ash and generally being a bossy shrew. Furthermore, she often refers to him as being “such a kid.” This is doubly obnoxious, because she’s obviously the same age as Ash. Nothing worse than a child who condescends to other children. 

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    Pan On Dragon Ball GT

    Photo: Animax

    Pan is the young tomboy granddaughter of Son Goku, being part human and part Saiyan. For the most part, she’s supposed to be a confident, fearless child. However, she displays various annoying behaviors that make it pretty maddening to actually have her on-screen.

    Like, she literally throws tantrums. That's archetypally the most irksome thing a child can do. She also happened to feature prominently in the worst version of the Dragon Ball series. While that's not her fault, it just makes it even less likely that you'll want to watch her.      

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    Maria Ushiromiya On Umineko When They Cry

    If there was ever an award given out to a character with the most annoying voice, Maria Ushiromiya would definitely win. And then we'd all get to hit her in the face with it. Her shrill voice is enough to drive anyone crazy, and her personality does not redeem her. 

    She's selfish, petulant, and has an overly defensive attitude toward people rejecting magic. She's infuriating, if you didn't put it all together. In addition, although she is nine-years-old, she acts more like she’s three, making her a huge nuisance to care for. 

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