The Most Annoying Kids Shows Currently On TV

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Vote up and add all of the most obnoxious children's shows currently on TV. No canceled shows, please.

While many TV shows geared towards children are educational and engaging, they're also some of the most grating things to have ever been created for adult ears. These are the absolute most annoying TV shows for kids and includes titles from all of the major networks, including PBS, Nickelodeon, and the Disney channel. Between obnoxious voices to stupid music and sounds to cheesy lessons, these shows allow plenty of space for eye rolling and gagging. What do parents hate most? Luckily, Dora the Explorer and Caillou are not airing anymore.

Which kids shows are the worst? Which are the ones adults absolutely can't stand? Take a look through and vote up all the kids TV shows on the air that bug you the most, and feel free to add anything not already on the list. 

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