The Most Annoying 'Fall Guys' Maps That Make You Want To Break Your Controller

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Mediatonic's Fall Guys is a free-to-play battle royale game available on virtually every major platform, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. The game has received a huge push in popularity on Twitch and YouTube through various tournaments and sponsored streams from the likes of MrBeast, CouRage, xQc, Ludwig, and several other content creators. 

Between collecting countless colorful skins and accessories, waddling your way through obstacles, and teaming up with your friends for squad play, Fall Guys is mostly all fun and games. However, of the 80-plus maps that have been included in the game since its initial 2020 release, some can be more rage-inducing than enjoyable, leading to gratuitous expletives, slammed fists, and the occasional broken controller or keyboard. This can be due to cringe online opponents (or teammates), map RNG (Random Number Generators), a combination of both, or various other factors. 

Some of the maps in Fall Guys are universally despised, while some are completely divisive. Your job is to vote below on which Fall Guys maps are the most angering for you. Vote up every map that ruins your day and makes you seethe with rage. Vote down the maps that don't bother you.

Latest additions: Fall Ball

  • Pegwin Pool Party / Pegwin Pursuit
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Pegwin Pool Party / Pegwin Pursuit

    It's never the pegwin's fault, but you'll probably still scream at those little bowtied guys as much as you do your teammates and/or opponents. The Pegwin maps are essentially the same and mostly just pure chaos as everyone scrambles to grab the titular birds and get away with them in their grasp for as long as possible.

    If you can make a break for it, you're golden. Otherwise, you're mostly getting grabbed every two seconds and throwing the pegwin up for someone else to run off with. It's a total pain.

    95 votes
  • Stompin' Ground
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Stompin' Ground

    Many players have viable strats for Stompin' Ground that can work out well, but those seemingly heat-seeking rhinos can be unpredictable. Just when you think you're safe, as time ticks down and you're hyped to qualify, suddenly you're getting blasted right off the map and screaming things that may have your neighbors calling in a wellness check.

    106 votes
  • Fall Ball
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Fall Ball

    Fall Ball is a team game that primarily depends on the competency and seriousness of your teammates. If no one is guarding your goal and everyone is frantically going for the ball, you're probably going to have a hard time - unless you somehow manage to dominate on offense. But defense is just as important, and if everyone is scrambling aimlessly - or if you have trolls on your team intentionally sabotaging - Fall Ball can be infuriating.

    18 votes
  • Egg Scramble / Egg Siege
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Egg Scramble / Egg Siege

    Egg Scramble and Egg Siege or similar enough maps that they're included together here. They can be equally frustrating, and that usually depends on your team. 

    Gathering eggs is fairly easy. Keeping them in your goal is another story altogether. If your team just isn't cutting it, you're certainly losing your mind during these rounds. You'll never scream more about eggs than when playing these maps in Fall Guys.

    76 votes
  • Jinxed
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Jinxed is one of those anxiety-inducing Fall Guys maps where success usually depends on how your team operates. Without communication, this one is the Wild West more often than not. If you're not jinxed, evasion is key. You've got to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. If you or your teammates can't manage that, you're done for. Team games can really make or break your day and desire to play Fall Guys.

    81 votes
  • Pixel Painters
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Pixel Painters

    Pixel Painters is likely to have you shouting terrible things at your teammates if you're playing with random online players. Sometimes you'll end up with squad mates who simply cannot grasp the concept. Sometimes they just can't seem to get out of the way without hitting incorrect tiles and negating your hard work.

    Worst-case scenario: You end up with someone on your team who's intentionally sabotaging you and won't allow you to complete the puzzles as they walk all over the tiles and make you want to rip your hair out.

    73 votes
  • Wall Guys
    Photo: Fall Guys / Mediatonic
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    Wall Guys

    With great RNG, Wall Guys can be a breeze, but when the movable platforms are in less-than-ideal locations and the other players are dragging them every which way, this map can be a frustrating one. It's even worse when everyone's piling onto the same platforms and blocking you from succeeding. 

    Or, if you're in a Squads Show full of trolls, you may run into a situation where one or two members of a team qualify and the rest of their team continually pulls the platforms away from the walls so no one else can finish. That's when things get especially heated.

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