Who Is the Most Annoying Kid in Pop Culture History?

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Some of our favorite shows/films have something terrible in common... a little kid that, we assume, was put in to add vulnerability or some "cute" or "comic" element... or maybe just to give us something to hate unabashedly. No matter how you look at it, these kids are more annoying than what the writer could have ever anticipated when he or she created them. This isn't to say that they're entirely awful. At first their act isn't terrible, in fact it could be perceived as some as even a bit funny. However, over time that acts wears thin and when it happens, it goes fast.

For better or worse, some of the most annoying kid characters have been on shows with other kids who not only weren't irritating, but were really likable. Steve Urkel singlehandedly hijacked the narrative of Family Matters from being around a family to revolving around his futile attempt to win over Laura Winslow. Star Wars fans have different opinions on many aspects on the film series, but the one thing that unites them all is their mutual annoyance of the whiny Anakin Skywalker. Of all kid movie characters, the young Anakin is easily one of the most despised and his role in the Phantom Mennce had fans clamoring for his eventual conversion to Darth Vader.

These are the most annoying kid characters ever put to screen big or small. Vote for your most hated, and add any that are missing! After you're done, head over and vote on the most annoying TV and film characters of all time!

Most divisive: Michelle Tanner
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