The Most Annoying Kids Shows of All Time

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Maybe it's because you've watched every episode a dozen times, or maybe the characters are the most obnoxious in existence, but the worst kids' shows are some of the worst shows of all time. There's something about TV shows made for children that can really put the rest of the world on edge. The loudness, the obnoxious voices, sounds, and music, the lousy CGI, the cheesy storylines – there's nothing about these shows that aren't completely vomit-inducing. The shows on this list exemplify the absolute worst of the worst. 

Which kids' shows are the most annoying? That's up for you to decide. Vote up all the TV shows you think are the most annoying, and vote down the ones you find more tolerable. Either way, kids will still probably watch them! 

These are the most annoying childrens TV shows. Vote up the kids' shows that are your personal purgatory.

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