The Clichés And Stereotypes About Millennials That Annoy Them The Most

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No one likes to be stereotyped, let alone grouped in with an entire generation, and there is something particularly annoying about the cliches assigned to millennials. Older generations seem fixated on the idea that young people are ruining everything, but the most annoying millennial stereotypes are the ones that actually apply to every generation or are just straight lies. The worst stereotypes about millennials put into perspective just how much people like having someone to blame.

These ideas are at best baseless, and at worst lazy justifications for older generations who refuse to face the fact that the society they have created barely functions on an economic or social justice level. In fact, rather than being the generation that is ruining the country, millennials are often just trying to function in it.

Meanwhile, Baby Boomers won't retire from jobs they are old enough to ride into the sunset from and then blame millennials for being jobless, broke, or "unloyal" as they flit from one bad paying job to the next. But of course that's not all millennials have done. From their supposed social media addictions to their epic ruination of the world as we know it, here's all the stereotypes about millennials that are endlessly annoying.

If you're sick of these stereotypes, check out some current TV shows about millennials that portray the experience more accurately. 

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    They Love Their Smartphones

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    They Believe Their Degrees Entitle Them To Fair Pay

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    They Are Overly Sensitive And Politically Correct

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    They Are Obsessed With Technology

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    They Don't Like Criticism

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    Social Media Has Made Them Egotistical