Celebrities Talk About The Annoying Questions Fans Always Ask

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Perhaps the least enviable part of being a celebrity is dealing with annoying fans. However, there are myriad levels of annoyance, the lower of which are easier to handle. It's one thing for a fan to be shy and awkward when meeting a celebrity (every person may devolve into a diffident mess when encountering their hero), but it's another thing to confidently ask the same question the celebrity's been asked a thousand times.

This list features over a dozen celebrities and the questions they must be sick of answering - yet we've included their answers, as well.


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    Robert De Niro: ‘You Talkin’ To Me?’

    Robert De Niro: ‘You Talkin’ To Me?’
    Photo: Taxi Driver / Columbia Pictures

    In 1976, Robert De Niro, playing a troubled NYC cabbie named Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, mesmerized moviegoers with a manic mirror monologue concerning the phrase, "You talkin' to me?"

    In 2016, De Niro opened a Tribeca Film Festival screening of Taxi Driver with a tongue-in-cheek lament of that quote's legacy:

    Every day for 40 f**king years, at least one of you has come up to me and said... "You talkin’ to me?"

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    Dolly Parton: ‘Why Do You Always Wear Long Sleeves?’

    People have long wondered what lurks under Dolly Parton's customary long-sleeve blouses. The most common assumption was tattoos, which was proven correct, but it's not the whole story:

    I don’t really like to make a big to-do of [the tattoos] because people make such a big d*mn deal over every little thing... But most of the tattoos, when I first started, I was covering up some scars that I had, 'cause I have a tendency to have keloid scar tissue, and I have a tendency where if I have any kind of scars anywhere, then they kind of have a purple tinge that I can never get rid of. So mine are all pastels, what few that I have, and they’re meant to cover some scars. I’m not trying to make some big, bold statement.

    Hopefully, she laid that question to rest.

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    Mark Ruffalo: ‘Can I Get A Picture? Who Are You Again?’

    That is how he replied to the question, "What do fans say when they recognize you on the street?" Clearly, Ruffalo sees himself as the runt of the Avengers family.

    We disagree... there are other Avengers who are far more runt-like.

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    Paul Wesley (Of ‘Vampire Diaries’): ‘Will You Bite Me?’

    Paul Wesley (Of ‘Vampire Diaries’): ‘Will You Bite Me?’
    Photo: The Vampire Diaries / The CW

    Playing a sexy vampire on a popular TV show has some strange side effects, such as impromptu S&M requests from strangers. Take The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley:

    [People] want me to bite them... It really does occur. Like, often. I bit a girl on the arm once. She was really happy. Don't ask. People that ask me to bite them don't quite exactly fit the category of "normal" to begin with.

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    Channing Tatum: ‘Can You Say Hi To My Daughter?’ (As He Waits For The Person To Call Said Daughter)

    Channing Tatum: ‘Can You Say Hi To My Daughter?’ (As He Waits For The Person To Call Said Daughter)
    Photo: Magic Mike / Warner Bros. Pictures

    After appearing shirtless in movies like Dear John and Magic Mike, Channing Tatum became a heartthrob for countless young girls.

    It should come as no surprise, then, that he is often left waiting on parents trying to put him on the line with their daughters. Parent of the Year is no easy award to win...

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    Anthony Hopkins: ‘What Drew You To The Part?’

    Anthony Hopkins: ‘What Drew You To The Part?’
    Photo: The Silence of the Lambs / Orion Pictures

    Legendary actor Anthony Hopkins has the perfect response to the above question:

    Well, they offered it to me.

    Elaborating, he said, "The generic answer is, I just like to work. I can’t analyze why a part is good or not. Dress me in the armor and cloak and it makes me look handsome, I guess. I hope."