The Most Annoying Real Housewives of All Time

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Vote up the absolute worst "Real Housewives" cast members, and downvote the not-so-irritating.

Nearly every season of every city, The Real Housewives manages to showcase some of the most annoying women on reality TV (and maybe even television in general). Sure, there are plenty of fan-favorite Real Housewives, but for every winsome personality, there exists at least three self-involved, manipulative, and generally evil ladies. Far from the best The Real Housewives has to offer, this list ranks the worst, most irritating of the women from the addictive Bravo shows.

The following women of The Real Housewives are all annoying in their own glorious ways. Some pick fights. Some cry endlessly. Some refuse to admit accountability for their actions. Some just want air time. There are truly so many ways that these women irk fans, it's almost impossible to list them all. Almost.

Whether they're perpetual victims or uninteresting divas, which of the Real Housewives are the most annoying? Vote up the worst of the worst, and then take a look at which of these devious drama queens has the best hair.

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