Stereotypes Real K-12 Teachers Are Tired Of Hearing

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K-12 teachers only: Vote up the stereotypes and cliches you're sick of hearing from others.

A common understanding among young students is that teachers are always at school. In fact, seeing a teacher "in the wild" is often an eye-opening experience for kids. Books like My Teacher Sleeps in School and Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10 are proof that students in grade school need to be taught that teaching doesn't take up the entirety of a teacher's life. It's a stereotype that children eventually learn is false, yet other stereotypes about teachers persist - and well past the time children become adults. 

Movies often satirize the roles teachers have and how they're supposed to behave, whether they're too personally invested, tossing the cirriculum out the window, not caring about their job, or simply investing more time than is realistic. In real life, teachers often work under the assumption that their success as teachers comes from providing their own supplies, entertaining their students all day, and decorating their classrooms to the nines. But K-12 teachers would like to disspell some of those rumors, and they've taken to Reddit to get the word out.

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    We Work Fewer Hours Than People In Other Professions

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    We Don't Mind The Low Pay And Stress Because It's Such A Rewarding Job

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    We Are Less Skilled If We Are Elementary School Teachers

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    Special-Education Teachers Aren't Real Teachers