The Most Annoying Words That We Should Really Retire In 2018

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Dumb internet slang was high key awful in 2017. Teens, adults, and even presidents have made it their business to throw out stupid words which invade the zeitgeist, forcing everyone to have an opinion on misspelled words and portmanteaus that somehow managed to transcend annoying Internet slang. The worst words of 2017 are a trash heap of gross sounding words and phrases that feel like they were made up by a robot trying to sound like a human. It’s time we, as a society, come together and stop using these annoying words in 2018.

For maybe the first time in history, youths aren't the only people who are putting the dumbest phrases on Earth into existence. Some of the most annoying slang of 2017 has come from the highest office of government – which just makes all of these words you hate even irritating. After voting on which words of 2017 are the worst, make a promise to yourself and America’s sweetheart that you’ll never use the phrase “keep it 100” again. If you're looking for more words to purge, check out the most annoying words of 2019.

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  • Lit
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  • Woke
    733 votes


  • Keep It 100
    662 votes

    Keep It 100

  • Fake News
    721 votes

    Fake News

  • Snowflake
    691 votes


  • Totes
    590 votes