Words We Should Really Retire in 2020

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How are there so many new annoying words? It’s like every year a group of teens get together at the mall to come up with a bunch of dumb slang and infect the world with it through Snapchat. Are kids still using Snapchat? The worst words of 2019 are truly frustrating. They’re shortened versions of words that aren’t even that long, they’re portmanteaus that barely make sense, and they’re stupid words that have no meaning. Now it’s up to you to vote on which words we’re saying “bye Felicia” to, and which words snatched your wig enough to stick around. 

What are the words you hate? You know, the dumb internet slang that becomes so pervasive that even your mom say it. Whether it’s your Twitter friends calling every dog they see “smol,” or your co-workers complaining about “adulting,” these are the dumbest words and phrases that took over the culture this year. 

Photo: Gamma Man / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
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