'80s Shows That Are Coming Back

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The best and most popular shows of the '80s are exactly the right age for a reboot. The 1980s have been a favorite decade to reboot from for some time, but now there’s a whole generation of people who have never seen some of the most popular shows of that decade – even on syndication. Luckily, we'll soon see quite a few reboots of 1980s television series. Some '80s TV reboots are returning as movies, while others are remaining on TV. Wherever they premiere, the '80s shows, and sitcoms we're excited to have back come with a built-in audience of folks who can't wait to return to the comfort of their favorite old shows.

Some show revivals are passing the torch to literally the next generation, as with Night Court now being led by the daughter of Honorable Judge Harry T. Stone. Others are keeping original cast members in the cast, or continuing a fan-favorite format such as Yo! MTV Raps. A few shows are fully reimagining the original, from the modernized setup for the new Perfect Strangers.

Whether they're updating the story for the modern world or staying on the well-worn path of the original show, the best reboots of '80s TV will be on screens, big and small, soon.

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