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The Most Anticlimactic 'Final Fights' In Movies

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The final fight scene in movies is often the most anticipated part of the film. After watching hours of building tension, viewers assume the culminating conflict between the hero and the biggest adversary will blow every previous encounter out of the water. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes all that mounting tension leads to a battle that's more than a little underwhelming. 

Some movies use the disappointment to their advantage. The final fight in Kill Bill is made to be anticlimactic, as the quick end to the skirmish feels true to the nature of the characters - and, indeed, the conversation between the two former lovers seems like the main event. Other movies, however, fail to create a scene that feels at all compelling. Are we truly meant to believe that John Wick struggles to take down a single Russian man after slaying hordes of his henchmen throughout the film? We're not buying. 

Whether it's the ineptitude of the filmmakers, or a deliberate choice on the part of the creators, anticlimactic final fights give us plenty to talk about.