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The Most Awkward E3 Moments Of All Time

Updated June 15, 2018 69 votes 13 voters13 items

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Awkward E3 press conferences have been a staple of the expo for about as long as it's been running. Of course wild mishaps like hot mic situations and behind the scenes blunders aren't restricted to games, but the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo certainly hosts more than its fair share of mishaps. Maybe it's all the actors, celebrities, and presenters who aren't familiar with the games they're presenting, or the developers who've probably never stood on a stage in before, or just the sheer awkwardness of presenting video games to excitable and critical crowds of hardcore gamers and industry professionals.

Whatever the reasons for painful E3 moments, the schadenfreude of seeing someone bomb onstage is immeasurable.

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    Jamie Kennedy Stumbled Through Activision's 2007 Conference

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    Video: YouTube

    When comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy took the stage on behalf of Activision at E3 2007, he immediately made it clear that he was not on top of his game. He was swaying, he was slurring a bit, and his first real attempt at a joke was, "I see some virgins in the audience."

    The remainder of the presentation found him playing against Activision executives who had no idea how to handle the situation, especially when Kennedy doubled down on insulting the crowd. It only worsened from there, to the point that a developer onstage openly mocked the Malibu's Most Wanted star.

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    Xbox Hired Robotic Child Actors To Mime Kinect Gameplay

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    Video: YouTube

    After the success of the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft decided it was time to get into the kid-friendly motion game market with the Xbox Kinect. Unlike Nintendo, though, Microsoft didn't exactly have a reputation for children's entertainment, so they had to build an image. To do so, in 2010, they put a child on stage to play Kinectimals, pantomiming petting a tiger while declaring "I love you, Skittles!"

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    Aisha Tyler Demanded A Fan Make A Meme On The Spot

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    Video: YouTube

    Aisha Tyler hosted Ubisoft's conference from 2012-2016, and for the most part did a great job. Unfortunately in 2015, Ubisoft was obsessed with making a meme, and Tyler was caught in the crossfire. After a trailer she appeared in the audience next to a cosplaying fan for an uncomfortable speech about how meme-friendly Ubisoft was, the monosyllabic cosplayer's hotness, and how she might catch rickets from him. Then she asked him to make a meme on the spot, which entailed a bit of fumbling before rocketing out of her chair with a pained groan that every viewer felt in their bones.

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    "Mr. Caffeine" Hosted Ubisoft's 2011 Conference With A Manic Energy And A Whole Lotta Bad Jokes

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    Video: YouTube

    Aaron Priceman's alter ego, Mr. Caffeine, served as the energetic host of Ubisoft's 2011 E3 conference, and boy did he live up to his name. He spoke 500 words a minute and was so hyped for all of Ubisoft's titles that the crowd didn't have to be.

    The poor guy couldn't land a joke with the E3 audience. To be fair, his brand of comedy was mainly making "a few d*ck jokes" about various game controllers and waving his fingers while making his own transitional sound effects, maybe in order to compensate for the sound of crickets coming from the crowd after every joke.

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