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The Most Awkward E3 Moments Of All Time

Updated 15 Jun 2018 32 votes 13 voters13 items

List RulesVote up the onstage E3 meltdowns, technical issues, and awkward exchanges that make you cringe just watching.

Awkward E3 press conferences have been a staple of the expo for about as long as it's been running. Of course wild mishaps like hot mic situations and behind the scenes blunders aren't restricted to games, but the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo certainly hosts more than its fair share of mishaps. Maybe it's all the actors, celebrities, and presenters who aren't familiar with the games they're presenting, or the developers who've probably never stood on a stage in before, or just the sheer awkwardness of presenting video games to excitable and critical crowds of hardcore gamers and industry professionals.

Whatever the reasons for painful E3 moments, the schadenfreude of seeing someone bomb onstage is immeasurable.

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