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The Most Awkward, Impossible To Watch Episodes Of 'The Office' Because Of Michael

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The Office is built on watching its cast live through painfully embarrassing moments, and no character better personifies the series' uncomfortable underpinnings than Michael Scott. Across his seven seasons on the show, Michael proves himself inept, quick to anger, kind of dumb, and just all around awful. Somehow, he embodies all these negative traits while still having a heart of gold.

In the most awkward Office episodes, however, Michael leans into his worst qualities without ever trying to redeem himself. While funny, these moments don’t offer viewers a sense of narrative atonement; it just looks like Michael is a bad person. Thankfully, Michael is played by Steve Carell, who loads the character with enough sweetness to make you want to binge the show until you pass out - but you may be passing out from rage.

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