The Most Beautiful Asian Women Of 2022, Ranked

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This list of the most beautiful Asian celebrities will get 2022 off to a fiery start. From classic beauties and sultry performers to chefs and reality stars, these are some of the most beautiful Asian women in the world 2022. 

Actress Priyanka Chopra of course comes to mind, when speaking of the top 10 most beautiful Asian women. She's a star in her own right, but also ends up on tabloid covers thanks to her marriage to Jonas Brothers star Nick Jonas. On this list you'll see the most beautiful South Asian women, most beautiful East Asian women, and most beautiful Southeast Asian women. 

Who are some of the prettiest Asian women? Constance Wu, Brenda Song, and Jamie Chung are certainly some of the most beautiful Asian female celebrities in 2022. These actresses are some of not only the most attractive Asian women of our time, but also the most attractive women in general. You might also be interested the prettiest Japanese women of 2022.

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