The Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

List of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe, as ranked by castle lovers. Europe has such a long, torrid history of extravagant royals, hard fought battles, and military strategy, over the course of many centuries.The castles that remain standing throughout Europe are relics of those important moments in European history. These castles were once used as residence for the enormously wealthy, hunting lodges for kings, a place for government officials to conduct business, and even as prisons. One of the major purposes for some of these castles was for military defense against invading forces. That’s why it’s all the more impressive that these marvels of architecture are still standing after centuries of activity.

The castles on this list are located all throughout Europe,including countries like England, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Ireland. Although their purposes are often very different, they have one thing in common: their striking beauty that lures millions of tourists from all over the world.

What are the most beautiful castles in Europe? This list features some castles that are still used as private residence, some that are featured in television and movies, and plenty that are now used as museums that are open to the public.