The Most Beautiful Castles in Scotland

List of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, as ranked by castle enthusiasts. Scotland’s history is filled with important clans and bloody battles that made the existence of castles necessary. In the early days,Scotland was packed with brochs, duns, and hill forts that were used as defensive buildings. In the 11th century, the first of Scotland’s castles began to pop up in these same spots. Throughout the years the castles became sturdier, replacing the wooden structures with stone and architecture that included moats and high towers that were optimal for defense. From minor battles to the Wars of Scotland, many of these castles were pivotal in the major Scottish conflicts.

Scotland has been home to over 2000 castles throughout the years. While many of these castles are currently in ruins (many of which can still be visited), there are still quite a few standing castles that are in great shape. Some of these castles have stood for hundreds of years in their original state. Others were rebuilt with more modern tastes.

What are the most beautiful castles in Scotland? Which are your favorite Scottish castles? This list includes the most striking castles that are still standing in Scotland’s borders.