The Most Beautiful Castles in the World

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List of the most beautiful castles in the world, as ranked by castle and architecture enthusiasts. It’s not that common to come across a castle in your daily life. What once used to be a common structure for royalty,government officials, and the very, very wealthy has now being a rarer place of residence. The castles that still stand today are very often relics from hundreds of years ago. Many castles have become ruins due to lack of funding to rebuild and keep up appearances. The castles that still stand in all their former well-maintained glory are often major tourist attractions, luring in millions of visitors from all over the world.

The castles on this list are among the most striking-looking, well-kept castles left standing in the world. These castles have long histories, with some being used as fortresses during wars and battles and others as private residence for the wealthiest families in the world. Some of these castles sit in the midst of water, while others are on top of the hills.

What are the most beautiful castles in the world? The castles on this list are prominent attractions in their respective countries,from Japan to France.