Attractions The Most Beautiful Catholic Churches From Around The World  

Mick Jacobs

When it comes to places of worship, the Catholic Church doesn't hold back. The most beautiful cathedrals in the world stand proud as feats of faith, architecture, and art. The very grandest examples appear in the video below.

These mighty fortresses of faith boast the finest paintings and the loftiest buttresses, and their designs attract thousands of patrons each year, many of them visiting to marvel at the engineering and history, rather than to express their religious devotion. 

Naturally, many such cathedrals stand in Europe, where the Vatican's seemingly endless finances can keep them immaculately maintained. If you think European castles look impressive, wait 'til you see the facades of the great churches.

Since the top three most beautiful churches in the world are within relatively close proximity to one another, in theory, you could visit them all on the same trip. Watch the video below to start planning your vacation abroad.