The Most Beautiful Latina Women Of 2022, Ranked

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This is a list of the most beautiful Latin women in the world in 2022. Whether we love them from their acting, modeling, singing, or social media, etc. we can't get these beautiful female Latina celebrities off of our minds. So who is the most beautiful Latin American or Latina woman in 2022?

Jennifer Lopez is definitely on the list of beautiful Latina women. Her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck has only added to her sizzle. Ana de Armas, Salma Hayek, and Selena Gomez could all be in the top 10 most beautiful Latina women of 2022 - but it's up to you to decide who tops the list!

Check out the stunning Latina celebrities on the list below. Then, vote up who you believe to be the most beautiful Latina women 2022. 

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