The Most Beautiful Outdoor Venues

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Beautiful concert venues where the music happens outdoors

List of the most beautiful outdoor venues. Here are the rankings, ready to be reorganized by you and your aesthetic preferences, of the most drop-dead gorgeous places to see a concert. These outdoor music venues range from ampitheaters in forests, to shelled-in stages on the water. The views from these venues are breathtaking, as are the actual venues themselves. These places are definitely worth the travel and even if the music turns out to be not your thing, sit back and enjoy the view.

The Hollywood Bowl is a great example of an outdoor concert venue that is a beautiful place to attend a show. Sitting in the giant crowd, you can look around at a panoramic view of Los Angeles that excludes the city and emphasizes nature. The same can be said for the Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston, Massachusetts, which is such a lovely spot that it hosts the Boston Pops and fireworks celebration every 4th of July.

But good luck getting in! These places sell out quickly because on top of the A-list bands that perform at the best outdoor theaters listed here, the setting itself is half of the attraction. Vote up your favorite places to see an outdoor concert below.