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Most Beloved Children's Show Mascots

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A true testament to the power and longevity of children's shows are the beloved children's show mascots who manage to stay in people's memories even into adulthood. These full-body costumed characters who appear in live-action shows date back almost as long as television itself. While many get forgotten over the years, countless other TV characters from kids' shows emerged to become mascots for children all over the world. Even after a child's interests mature from kiddie content into adolescence, these recognizable TV mascots stay with them long thereafter whether they realize it or not.

The 2017 movie Brigsby Bear centers around such a mascot and proves just how important TV mascots are to children's entertainment as well as their impact on adult life. Live-action characters in costume tend to stand out to young minds because they blend fantasy with reality at the same time. They sometimes interact with real people or engage in tangible environments, and for the most part, are all extremely huggable. Appearing in memorable kids' shows like Sesame Street and Teletubbies, these popular mascots host legions of fans both young and old, and will likely continue to do so as long as their fans are around to share their stories with the youngsters of the future.

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    The biggest and friendliest bird a child will ever know is probably Big Bird. A long time resident of Sesame Street, Big Bird helps everyone he can, whether it's with chores or learning letters. His benevolent presence even led him, a fictional character, to sing at Jim Henson's funeral. Your fave could never.

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      Featuring the theme song you remember even into your 40s, Barney and Friends blew up children's television and merchandising, remaining a kids' staple until the series ended in 2009. The show continues to air in reruns for years since, assuring the big purple dinosaur a spot as one of the most recognizable characters in kids' entertainment.

      • Brigsby Bear

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        From a little known educational children's show called Brigsby Bear, this television mascot used the "power of light" to fight injustice and evil. Although the TV show was discontinued, some of Brigsby's biggest fans are currently working on a Brigsby Bear feature-length film. 

        • Tinky Winky

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          The purple Teletubby may not be the first character you think of when naming beloved mascots, but this purse-carrying alien made quite an impact. As a male character comfortable with his bag and tutu, Tinky Winky provides youngsters with a character who defies traditional norms in a completely innocent way.