The Most Boring Sports to Watch

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The most boring sports to watch are far from entertaining, exciting or interesting. To put it nicely, the most boring sports to watch are great for lazy afternoons when you need a good excuse to take a nap. These sports, which include professional sports, college sports and even Olympic sports, might be popular but they are also the best at being completely boring.

Depending on who you ask, America's pastime baseball is one of the worst offenders in terms of being boring. Plays are separated by several minutes and when there is action it lasts only a few seconds. Golf, while watched by millions around the world, is similar as it's seen as slow and somewhat nonathletic.

Other sports are simply boring because they feature a long time of little action, sometimes hours, then just a few minutes of actual action. Soccer games rarely result in more than a few goals which take second each leaving the other time for watching players kick the ball around and run. Horse racing might be the "most exciting two minutes in sports" but the hours and hours of nothingness leading up to those two minutes is like watching paint dry.

Be it for their repetitive nature, like auto racing and bowling to the slow action, like curling and canoeing, whatever the reason, these sports are boring to watch but each are still enjoyed by fans around the globe. They might not include buzzer beaters like in basketball or the hard-hitting action like in hockey but each brings something different to the world of sports.
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