The Most Boring Winter Olympic Events

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What are the most boring winter Olympic events? While many events at the Winter Games qualify as "extreme sports" (extremely fun / extremely dangerous), a few are pretty low-key and not all that interesting. Curling is basically Bocce on ice + brooms, which might be more fun to watch if it included cocktails and sunshine. Do you guess who will win? Do you cheer as your favorite curler sweeps the way for his stone? Cross-country skiing as a spectator sport is about as interesting as watching snow melt. Which Olympic sports make you flip the channels in search of bright colors and high-speed chases? Vote up the Winter events that bore you to tears.
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  • Curling
    306 votes


  • Cross-Country Skiing
    206 votes

    Cross-Country Skiing

  • Nordic Combined
    125 votes

    Nordic Combined

  • Olympic sportscaster
    73 votes

    Olympic sportscaster

  • Biathlon
    135 votes


  • Short Track Speed Skating
    108 votes

    Short Track Speed Skating