Kids 16 Kids Whose Crimes Were So Brutal, They Were Tried As Adults  

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It may seem like most heinous crimes are committed by adults, but kids can be just as brutal. From torturing and beating toddlers to killing their parents, these kids' crimes were so bad, the perpetrators were tried as adults. Not all violent children come from a place of pure hatred—some are trying their best to escape a harsh reality. In the case of the Jones siblings, they were attempting to escape habitual abuse and enacting revenge on the parents who refused to protect them. Other kids who were tried as adults exhibited severe mental illness. In the Slender Man Stabbing—something straight out of a horror movie—both teen girls were convicted and committed to mental hospitals for decades. One of them still hears mysterious voices in her head.

Then, there are the cold hearted kid killers. These come from no other place than the macabre curiosity of pain and death. In the case of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the 10 year olds heartlessly tortured and murdered a toddler in one of England's most gruesome child murders. Tyler Hadley, an American teen, celebrated his parents' slaying by throwing a house party while their bodies rotted upstairs. These crimes committed by children are so brutal that in each and every one, the young perpetrators were tried as adults.

Anissa Weier And Morgan Geyser Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times To Impress Fictional Demon Slender Man

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In 2014, Wisconsin 12-year-olds Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser lured their classmate Peyton Luther into the woods where they stabbed her 19 times. The girls claimed they stabbed Luther to please the fictional Creepypasta boogeyman Slender Man and become one of his followers. They wanted to prove his existence and save their families from his wrath. The only way to become one of Slender Man's beloved followers is murder. Luther miraculously survived after crawling to the sidewalk and being spotted by a cyclist. Thus ensued one of the most disturbing teen trials in recent history.

Both Weier and Geyser were tried as adults and charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. A now 15-year-old Geyser, pleaded guilty to the charge in October 2017 but claimed she was not criminally responsible because of her mental state. During her sentencing, doctors reported that she was still hearing voices from someone named "Maggie." She was sentenced to 40 years in a mental institution.

Weier, who's now 16 years old, was committed to 25 years in a psychiatric institution after pleading guilty to second-degree attempted intentional homicide in August 2017. Prosecutors also claimed she was mentally ill and not criminally responsible.

Denver Jarvis, Michael Bent, And Jesus Mendez Burned Their Friend Alive Because He Owed Them $40

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In 2009, five Florida teenagers were arrested for setting 15-year-old Michael Brewer on fire over a $40 video game-related debt. When Brewer couldn't pay up, Michael Bent stole Brewer's father's bicycle and orchestrated a violent attack. The boys held down Brewer while Denver Jarvis poured rubbing alcohol all over the 15 year old. Jesus Mendez pulled out a lighter and ignited the boy. The fire was so severe that Brewer's clothes burned off his body as he desperately tried to stop, drop and roll in the front yard.  He eventually jumped in a pool to extinguish the flames and suffered severe burns on 65 percent of his body.

Three of the five teens involved—Jeremy Jarvis and Michael Bent, both 15, and Jesus Mendez, 16—were charged with attempted second degree murder and tried as adults. Bent and Mendez were both sentenced to 11 years in prison, with their charges reduced to aggravated battery. Mendez also got 19 years of probation. Jarvis was sentenced to eight years in prison with 10 years of supervised community probation.

10-Year-Olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Tortured And Murdered A Toddler

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In 1993, 10-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables led two-year-old James Bulger away from a shopping center parking lot. His mother had taken her eyes off him for a moment. The boys took him to Leeds and Liverpool canal where they dropped him on his head, and he began crying. As many as 38 bystanders didn't intervene. Only two people challenged the 10-year-old boys who said the toddler was their brother. They eventually took Bulger to train tracks, where they tortured him. They put blue paint into his eye, kicked him, stepped on him, and threw rocks at him. They made him eat batteries, and police believe the boys may have also inserted batteries into the two-year-old's anus. To end the massacre, the boys dropped a 22-pound railway bar on Bulgar's head, which broke his skull in 10 places. He suffered so many injuries that pathologists weren't sure which one was fatal.

According to The Telegraph, the boys were "ordered to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, the normal substitute sentence for life imprisonment when the offender is a juvenile." In an unprecedented court order, the murderers were given new identities and released in 2001, though Venables has been in and out of jail ever since for distributing images of children being abused.

Curtis And Catherine Jones Killed Their Father's Girlfriend With His Gun

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In 1999, Curtis and Catherine Jones were 12 and 13 years old, respectively, when they took their father's gun and shot his 29-year-old girlfriend Sonya Speights to death. Originally, the siblings were thought to have committed the crime because they were jealous that their father planned to marry Speights, but that wasn't actually the case. Child welfare reports uncovered that the pair was sexually abused by a different male relative who was living in their household. Neither their father nor Speights did anything after they told them of his abuse, so the siblings conspired to kill their abusive relative, their father, and Speights.

Both of the siblings pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, were tried as adults, and received 18 years in prison with life-long probation. Even after the trial, Catherine Jones stood strong saying she regretted hurting someone but she had to get away from her abuser"At one point I was just so happy to be away," she said. "I know that sounds, like, really messed up, but there was a point where I was just away from all that, and I was by myself, and I was safe." Curtis became one of the youngest convicted killers in history at just 12 years old. In 2015, the pair were released from prison.