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The 13 Most Brutal Moments in Naruto History, Ranked

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Naruto isn't just a show about a loud-mouthed ninja in an orange jumpsuit - it can also get pretty disturbing. It may not be known for being the bloodiest shonen anime out there, but it's still a series about constant warfare. That's part of what makes the series so interesting. While it sometimes skates along the surface of its darker content, sometimes it plunges deep into the waters of violence and gore.

We're gathered some of the most brutal Naruto moments for you here. Whether it's Gaara crushing his opponent with a prison of sand or Kisame sacrificing himself in the most gruesome way possible, these moments are likely to leave you feeling more than a little uncomfortable. Vote up the ones that get to you the most. 

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    Jiraiya Passes Away

    Jiraiya's demise at the hands of his former student would be emotionally devastating enough no matter how it happened. Just as he learns some key information about Pain, he's stabbed in the back by the Pains' Black Receivers, and his throat is crushed so that he can't relay information to Fukusaku. Then they just toss his body into the ocean like it's nothing. 

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    Kushina & Minato Are Impaled With The Nine Tails' Claw

    When Kushina and Minato are preparing to seal half of the Nine Tails' chakra into baby Naruto and the other half into Minato, the Nine Tails notices what they're doing. Not wanting to go down like that, the Nine Tails thrusts its gigantic claw into both Kushina and Minato's backs. As if they hadn't already suffered enough, their final moments with their newborn son are marred by the blood running out of their mouths. 

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    Obito Is In Hell

    After spending ages being brainwashed by his ancestor in an underground bunker while recovering from a grievous injury, Obito's mental state was already pretty bad. When he sees his best friend Kakashi annihilating his crush Rin, he doesn't understand or care what the reason is - it's all the proof he needs that Madara's bleak view of humanity is correct. 

    With the help of his newly awakened Mangekyo and the Zetsu powering his body, he goes on a violent spree that leaves the battlefield soaked in blood. He concludes that he's in Hell - and it's hard to disagree with him. 

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    Sasuke Relives His Clan's Demise

    It's bad enough that Sasuke had to know that Itachi slew their whole family, but Itachi made things infinitely worse with his genjutsu ability, Tsukuyomi. He forced an eight-year-old child to watch a a minimum of 518,400 replays of his clan being destroyed in the span of a second. He did this to guarantee that Sasuke's Sharingan would awaken and to make sure that he'd hate him enough to come after him later, but whatever the reason, the psychological scarring the poor kid endured is hard to overlook. 

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