Who Is The Most Charming Man Alive?

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Living celebrities only. Vote up the men whose charm works on you.

Whether it's a svelte British accent that gets you going, a classic come-hither glance you just can't ignore, or a sweet set of dimples and megawatt smile that melts the hearts of men, women, and grandmas, alike, there are definitely certain traits that take our favorite male celebrities from "huh, I guess he's a solid dude; I don't hate him" to "how can I get this guy to be best man at my wedding?" There are even some celebrities who are so dang charming that we wouldn't even get mad if they rear-ended us in traffic so long as there was a promise of dinner and a movie with them afterwards for all of the trouble.

We've compiled a list of a few such endearing fellas. Of course Ryan Gosling and former President Barack Obama make the list but there are a few other lesser known gents worth your votes. 

You tell us which actor, athlete, musician, or political figure would be more likely to charm the pants off of you or help dear old Aunt Nora cross the street (or charm the pants off of old Aunt Nora while she's crossing the street). We want your votes!

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