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Who Are the Most Clutch Golfers of All Time?

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List RulesFrom smashing perfect drives to sinking long putts, vote up the most clutch golfers who rarely falter under stress.

While it may require precise skill and serious talent, golf is a very mental game. Considering this, performing in "clutch" situations is no easy feat. Whether it be the crowd, the weather, or their own interfering thoughts, sinking that long putt under pressure can be nerve racking for even the best golfers. Nevertheless, some of the best professional golfers thrive in these times—making them the most clutch golfers in the game. Of all the high-stakes performers, though, who are the most clutch golfers of all time?

Sure, you can argue many of the best golfers in history are also serious clutch performers, but even Tiger Woods can falter at times. When it comes down to it, some golfers simply make a 30-foot putt in stressful situations with ease. From Jack Nicklaus (who holds the longest putt record) to current putting master Jordan Spieth, there are plenty of clutch golfers who stand above the rest when under pressure. Of course, sinking putts isn't the only thing that makes for a clutch performance. Landing the green when a birdie is a must or hitting out of the sand can be just as tough. No matter the circumstances, who do you think handles these important lies when it matters most?

Check out the list of clutch golfers below and vote up those who always come out performing. If you see someone missing from the list, feel free to add them.