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The Most Clutch NBA Players Today

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This is always a high topic for debate, usually it's a matter of personal opinion. However, using my standards, (The shot is taken in the fourth quarter or overtime with 24 or less seconds left - making it as close to a last possession as we can for filtering stats. The game is tied or the shooters team is down by 1 or 2 points, this way any shot can tie and/or win the game.) you can see if your favorite player is one of the elite crunch time players in the league.
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    6 for 22 | 27%

    Much like Kevin Durant, this kid has taken an immense quantity of shots, especially late in games where he essentially owns the ball while it's the Bulls' possession. Rose usually prefers to go one-on-one with the defender and do isolation's until he's close enough to the rim to launch a shot. His dribble moves are very good but his effectiveness dwindles as the opponent is prepared for his antics, accounting for his low percentage.
  • 5 of 17 | 29%

    Dwyane Wade is a pure slasher. With the game on the line, however, it can be very difficult to navigate his way to the rim with the double team that ensures the moment he touches the ball late in games. The double team usually limits him to off-balanced, highly contested, perimeter shots. While the addition of LeBron has only aided his percentage, relieving the double-team, the damage has already been done at that point.
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    12 for 39 | 31%

    This is perhaps the most surprising placing on this list. Taking 39 shots in these circumstances is ridiculous. He's only been in the league for 5 years and been to the playoffs 3 times! This echoes further how many shots he was taking in his early years, usually to little to no fruition. This past year he's been excellent in the clutch. But that has unfortunately not been the case forever. Kevin, much like Ray Allen, takes his shots off of screens and pre-established plays, causing him to take some generally unadvised shots, also causing his percentage to suffer.
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    5 for 15 | 33%

    Ray Allen usually shoots off of screens in the final moments of a game, frequently a high percentage shot, especially for him. This percentage doesn't quite show his true efficiency. Plays are always ran for him to shoot off of the screen, and even if the shot's not there, he'll usually hoist up a shot, merely because it's how the play is drawn up. I find this to be a very reasonable percentage.