The Most Common Jobs in America

A list of the most common jobs in America. These are the most popular careers within the United States. If you're looking for a job, this is where you will find the most peers. Note that this list does not in any way rank "job competition" as it does not take into account the number of jobs available. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see where the bulk of the American workforce lies, and which fields have the most employed workers. With unemployment always an issue for at least some of us in the country, it's useful to see what fields seem to be the most populated. Hopefully this list will be helpful for anyone who's on the job hunt.

What are the most common jobs in American? What are some typical professions in the US? These are some of the most popular jobs in the US, compiled in one list of jobs many Americans have.

On December 5th, 2016, Amazon revealed they will be launching a new grocery store called Amazon Go that will eliminate the need for cashiers. Given that cashiers are the second most common job in America, what does that mean for the future of that profession?

Ranked by
  • Retail salespersons

    Retail salespersons

    # Employed: 4,155,190
  • Cashiers


    # Employed: 3,354,170
  • Office clerks

    Office clerks

    # Employed: 2,789,590
  • Combined food preparation and serving workers

    Combined food preparation and serving workers

    # Employed: 2,692,170